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How much does it cost?

I charge £100 for an hour and a half initial consultation session and after that, my fees range between £100-£140 per hour session (60 minutes session).

I believe that psychoanalysis and psychotherapy should be for everyone, which is why I am allocating some of my time slots to providing low-cost therapy sessions for those who are in need of it. 

Please contact me for further information regarding current low-cost availability.


What is the difference between Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis?

Many people ask me about the differences between psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. Some would say it's about the frequency of the meetings, others would argue it has to do with the spatial position a person takes in the room - lying on the bed when the analyst is behind you or sitting on the couch face to face with her (or him). It might be maintained that the depth work of what is referred to as psychoanalysis, the ability to explore and touch delicate places of our inner world correlates with the frequency and duration of therapy.


For me, both psychotherapy and psychoanalysis are ways of exploring the psyche that can take many forms – it can be short-term therapy focusing on a specific problem or long years of work, diving deep into exploration of the psyche. For some people it can even be a way of living; a means to keep a constant connection to our unknown places. My experience has taught me that the ability to create meaningful work and positive outcomes relies first and foremost on the relationship with the analyst, the capacity to trust her or him, and to maintain an intimate and open rapport.


How much time does it take?

I have more than ten years experience with short and long-term therapy – both psychotherapy and psychoanalysis- and can offer to think together about the complexities of what is needed in each case. I have been seeing people from once a week to four times a week in an open-ended therapy that varies from short term intermediate and long term. The duration and frequency of analysis are elements that should be discussed and decided according to what is needed, what the person wants to achieve and can vary during the course of therapy.


How can I get there?

My practice is based in the village of Newton, just outside Cambridge, South Cambridgeshire. It is a five minutes drive from Cambridge City and two minutes from the A10 and M11 Junction, so it is very accessible from Cambridge and all South Cambridge area. Public transportation to the Village is not very frequent however bus number 31 stops just at the corner from my practice. Cycling from Cambridge is also possible for those who wish to do so. Here is a link to the MAP.


What about parking? 

There are abundant parking spaces in the driveway and outside on the street.


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